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Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Application(B.Com)

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Course Description:

Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Application is a 3-year degree programme divided into 6 half-yearly semesters for students after they pass the 10+2 level examinations. The course covers subjects like e-commerce, managerial economics, introduction to Information Technology, computer application, income tax law and practice, cost accounting, financial accounting, industrial law, corporate accounting, management information system, company law, HTML & JavaScript, principles of management, principles of accountancy, marketing management, banking theory law and practice, and more. The candidates are also given extensive project assignments and case-studies to enhance and cultivate their analytical thinking for solving practical problems. The candidate, after the course, can work in capacities of commerce specialists, manager, accountants and more in fields like stock markets, insurance, banking, accounting, marketing, etc.

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Programme Outcome

  • Towards the end of the programme, students will be able to:
  • Develop an ability to effectively communicate.
  • Appreciate importance of working independently and in a team
  • Have exposure of complex commerce problems and find their solution.
  • Process information by effective use of IT tools
  • Understand required mathematical, analytical and statistical tools for financial and accounting analysis
  • Develop an understanding of various commerce functions such as finance, accounting, Financial analysis, project evaluation, and cost accounting
  • Develop self-confidence and awareness of general issues prevailing in the society

Programme Specific Outcome : -

  • Apply knowledge will analyze and evaluate positions on economic issues,
  • Showing that they can break an economic issue down into the various economic principles and concepts that form the basis of the position
  • Identify the competing sides on the issue.
  • Specific knowledge will critique an economic position in terms of the accuracy of its representations of economic principles.
  • Specific knowledge of concepts and the soundness of its use of those concepts and principles to make a claim about economics.
  • Specific knowledge will solve real-world economic problems effectively in the context of an industry or field of study.
  • Specific knowledge that they can identify and collect the appropriate economic data, analyze data in terms of costs and benefits, present economic data.
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