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1) Django Introduction

2) Django Installation Online Classes

3) Create App in Django Project

4) Django Form Elements Example using Get method

5) Pass data from template to views,Passing Variables to a Template

6) Django Form Elements Example using POST method

7) How to create five web page application

8) How to use external CSS with Python Django

9) How to integrate image file in Django framework

10) How to create common header and footer in Django,Include in Django.

11) How to create database and table in Django.

12) How to create registration form in Django

13) Create Login Form in Django

14) How to select record in django

15) How to edit and delete in database django

16) How to create sessions object in django

17) Security in Django

18) Cookies Tutorial in Django

19) Remember me example in Django Cookie

20) How to create custom login for admin dashboard

21) How to create custom dashboard for admin with sidebar options

22) Form Validation in Django using Javascript

23) Ajax in django

24) File Upload in Django

25) Add new Field in Model class,Model Customization

26) Create First Project on Django

27) Create Second Project on Django